Two Years in the Club


This month marks two years of bringing monthly gifts to the local strip club and building friendships with the employees.

Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us! There have been hundreds who have given their time, cookies, and prayers to make this outreach possible. We are entirely volunteer run and it’s been amazing to see people take ownership of the mission - loving and serving women in the local sex industry.

Some people do that through baking. Some people do that through leading worship and prayer for our outreach nights. Some people do that through helping pack bags. Some people do that through driving our outreach team to the club. Some people do that through going into the club and building direct friendships. Some people do that through praying for us faithfully. Some people do that through planning gifts or rallying their friends or writing notes.

There are so many different ways to love and serve with the same heart.

Because of the community that has rallied behind this mission, we have been able to give out over 400 gifts (that’s about 1,500 cookies!) to over 100 women in the sex industry. Our club attracts women from all over the United States who travel to work at different clubs. This means there’s been a consistent flow of new women that we’ve been able to meet. While it’s mostly our local friends who we’ve made friendships with outside of the club (due to consistency and trust), we are in awe of how many people have been touched by this ministry.

As I reflect on our two years, I’m also in awe of what a blessing these friends have been to me personally. Our friends from the club celebrated with me when I got married last year, even as I’ve been able to celebrate engagements, babies, houses, and more with them. We’ve shared our stories over coffee and cried tears together in prayer.

These people are not a project - they are our friends. We have been able to build this beautiful community that’s a hilarious combination of strippers and church girls. We are able to learn from each other. We are able to laugh and connect and encourage one another. While we go in with a heart to serve and pour out, we rarely left feeling empty after visiting the club, but instead filled up by the joy that these friends bring to our lives.

The best part is, this is just the beginning.

In 2019, we are really excited to be formally establishing our 501(c)3 status as a nonprofit, which will allow us greater freedom in the work that we do. We will be able to fundraise not just for gifts, but also for things like counseling funds, special events, and staffing. There is a lot of growth coming. Between the board we have assembled for wisdom and the volunteers who help hands on, we believe that God is going to use all the combined efforts of everyday people to do something amazing in the local sex industry.

We are praying and believing for small groups to form - where church girls and strippers can come together to connect to God and each other. We are looking at expanding our reach into other strip clubs in the region to be able to replicate this model of ministry and help plant new outreaches. We are excitedly planning for more ways for people to get involved and give.

The last two years have been an amazing adventure, but we are believing the best is yet to come! The foundation established is an amazing launching ground for what God does next.

Thank you for being a part of these last two years and for dreaming with us for 2019 and beyond!

Liv, Em + Team