The Long Haul


Things are picking up pace here at Well Water!

Our volunteers are back from summer travels, we are getting into new routine team meetings, and we are connecting deeper with our friends from the club. Fall is off to a great start!

For our September outreach, we gathered about 15 people together to make bath salts, write notes, and pack bags for the girls - in addition to praying while our outreach team was in the club. We were so thankful for cookies made by two local families as well! It is truly a team effort to make each outreach go smoothly, and so much love goes into every little piece.

During our conversations with the girls in the club, there seemed to be a theme that we found to be really encouraging. Our friends kept saying how they appreciated the way we came to the club without judgement or expectation. We heard some stories of negative experiences they’d had with Christians doing similar outreaches, and how they felt like we truly loved them without needing to give them a lecture. While they all know we love Jesus and are “church girls”, they see that we aren’t there to highlight their flaws, but to encourage them and be their friends. Two girls even mentioned keeping their handwritten notes in a place where they could see them every day.

These comments reminded us that there is a lot of power in the simplicity of what we do.

There are no strings attached to our gifts. It is grace on display - an offer of kindness that all they have to do is reach out and take.

God is so present in this process. We believe that it is the kindness of God that leads people to change their lives. Not condemnation or control, but an invitation into abundant life. Our prayer and heart is to be there for the employees of the club, in whatever way they might need. Maybe they just need some friends to cheer them on, or a listening ear when things suck (don’t we all?). As we get to build real friendships with these women, we pray that God would give us opportunities to reveal His heart. This organic model of ministry isn’t about fast results - it’s about the long haul.

We are so thankful to get to do this work and shower these women with love month after month. It brings amazing joy to our hearts to be cultivating deeper relationships inside and outside of the club. While there are a few of us who are committed to pursuing the face-to-face relationships, each one of you who have supported Well Water are helping make that possible.

Every gift, every cookie, every note, and every prayer - they all add up to make this ministry thrive. These women are consistently reminded that even though just a few of us go into the club, there are dozens of people in this community that love them.

If you want to be a part of our October outreach and join with us in offering unconditional love to the employees of our local strip club, we would love to have you! Please feel free to reach out and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch. If you want to come pack bags and pray, all the details are in this Facebook event. We’d love to see you there!

Liv, Em + Team