Small Things On Repeat


“Do small things. On repeat. And think about others. I think that's it. That's all. I don't even worry anymore about becoming a piece of someone's history because (a) knowing isn't the point and (b) sometimes our greatest points of impact will be the kind we never come to know about.” - Hannah Brencher

Essentially, we do the same thing every month here at Well Water.

As we seek to keep you all better updated on what is happening, we also know that a lot of the basics are the same month to month: gifts, notes, goodies, prayer, hugs, and connection. Some months, there’s an exciting story that comes from the club and some months it’s just a normal, awesome night spent with our friends.

This October’s outreach was one of those normal, awesome nights. There wasn’t anything big or exciting that happened, we just connected deeper with our friends and got to catch up on life. Several of the girls that we spend time with outside of the club were working and I’m always thankful when we see them more than once a month. Lately, there’s been such a growth in the depth of relationships and we are so excited to see how we will continue to grow!

One of my favorite things about this last outreach was the huge sense of community that we have had among our volunteers. We had near record amount of people come out to help pack bags and pray. The campus group Love Your Melon baked tons of goodies for us. Notes were sent to us with love all the way from Florida. We had over 30 people involved in pouring out love and kindness - which is about how many employees we get to bless at the club. It’s amazing to watch the community surrounding this mission grow. Thank you to everyone involved!

We have learned that there is no place outside of the love of God and no place where we can’t go to make friends and love people like Jesus did. The more people who get involved in the simplest ways, the more we get to tap into this concept for our whole life. It’s not just about organized outreaches or a particular nonprofit, it’s about seeing a city loved, one person at a time.

It is such an honor and gift to be able to serve one area of our community - individuals involved in the legal sex industry. If that’s something that’s on your heart too, or maybe you’re just curious about what we do, please reach out! We’d love to talk and there’s always room for more hands doing small things on repeat.

Liv, Em + Team