Why the Waiting? || 4 Core Values of Prayer and Worship

A dream is not born in a day.

All good things take time and effort. Relationships, the birth of a child, the start of a business, and even the early church gathered and waited before God showed up on the day of Pentecost. Yet, we live in a microwave society that wants results now. We praise hustling and making things happen. To sit still, humble ourselves, and wait is not in our culture’s DNA.

But it’s going to be in Well Water Fargo’s DNA. In Exodus 33, when Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the promised land, he had this conversation with God where he asked a lot of questions. God kept telling him of the favor and plans in store, but Moses wanted to make sure that he was truly in the right path at the right time. He says to God, “if your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” (Exodus 33:15) What follows in this pressing in process, is that he got to encounter God in a way that was so vivid and so close that it left his face literally glowing.

I want our hearts to be aware of how much we need God’s blessing, favor, and presence. We are not capable of launching Well Water on our own. God must go before us. He must come with us. If He doesn’t, we are in trouble.

That is the heart behind why we are taking about eight to nine months to gather in worship and prayer before we ever step foot in the club. I know that there’s something inside of us that wants action and wants it to be now - trust me, I totally get that. There will be days ahead for bold steps and a fast pace. Right now, this season is about preparation and building foundation. We want to walk ahead in confidence, but knowing that we are walking on a history of humility.

I want to explain four core values of Well Water Fargo that are being established by taking months to devote to prayer and worship. 

1. We partner with God to be carriers of His love. 

If the goal of Well Water is to show Jesus’ love to people, we need God in on the plan. We can’t muster up strength on our own and call it the love of God. We need to be able to receive God’s love before we can give it away. We have to grasp God’s heart for people before we can communicate it effectively. This season of prayer and worship is going to be one of experiencing, understanding, and growing in God’s love for us, our city, and women in the sex industry. 

2. We come together in unity as one church and body. 

Well Water is not attached to any denomination or particular church, it’s attached to the statement that “Jesus loves strippers and so do we.” It’s about the people of God all coming together beyond the silly barriers we put up and reaching out our hands to those in our community that have long been kept outside the walls of church. We are coming together to send a message that says, “We love you. We want to provide you with support and community. We want to apologize for the ways you may have been hurt in the past.” It’s hard to send a cohesive message unless you’ve spent time together. There’s no better way to seek unity than seeking God side by side. 

3. We are aware of the spiritual darkness surrounding this ministry. 

We refuse to be naive, even while we refuse to be anxious. Strip clubs are not light, easy places to go into. There is a real spiritual battle that the Bible talks about in Ephesians 6 and we are told to be prepared. Sending a team into a club without prayer and training would be like sending warriors into a battle without any armor or tactics. We are not going to do that. Now to clarify, our battle is not against people. We are not fighting the women who are dancers. We are not fighting the men who pay for sexual gratification. We are not fighting the bouncers, bar tenders, managers, or owners. We are not even fighting the sex industry. We are fighting against brokenness and darkness. We are fighting against satan and the realities of a spiritual realm we cannot see. We are fighting for freedom in every sense of the word. This fight begins on our knees.

4. We are poised with humility, confidence, hope, peace, and a nonjudgmental spirit.

We don’t just want to rush into anything and try to “save” women. God is not in a rush and neither are we. In order for us as a team to have these traits listen above, we need to cultivate them. I encourage everyone to cultivate this in their personal life, but it also needs to be done as a collective. 

This is what Well Water is about. If you are reading this, you have the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of something that I believe will be used to transform this city. I want to see people of commitment, integrity, and perseverance come together in a spirit of faith. You are invited into the adventure.

We will be having our first Prayer, Worship, and Vision Casting night approaching within the next month (exact location + date TBA). If you want to stay updated with details, you can “like” us on Facebook or sign up for our mailing list. Feel free to also shoot me an email at wellwaterfargo@gmail.com if you want to be involved!

It's an honor to work + wait with you all.