December Update: Wrapping up 2015 and Ringing in 2016

To the Well Water friends + team, 

In the last month since announcing Well Water Fargo, I’ve been left absolutely awestruck by what God has been doing to prepare the way for this ministry. So many of you reading this have jumped on board with full and excited hearts. As the processes of assembling a team continues, it’s encouraging to have received so much support already. You are the people that will make this happen and I’m so thankful for each and every one of you! 

So here is what has happened in the last month:

 This week, I met up with the co-leaders of Dakota Pearls, a sister outreach in Williston, ND. They had lots of practical wisdom that they shared with me and are an amazing wealth of resources. They have been doing monthly outreach since the fall of 2013 and shared both stories of the friendships they’ve built as well as the practical parts of running a ministry. This is a partnership that is immensely valuable both now and in the future! 

I’ve had opportunities to talk to many people who are eager to get on board and help. From worship leaders to women who want to go into the club to people to help with gifts and baking. I’m excited to plug in all these people in the months to come as we move forward. I’ve also been invited to speak at a local church and women’s event and am excited to see where those connections lead.

Well Water also received it’s first financial donation. A high school student stepped out in one of the most beautiful acts of generosity I’ve ever seen and gave me a completely unsolicited gift. The details of our financial covering are still being solidified, but it was a great encouragement to see people who believe in this enough to put their money into the mission. 

What’s Next:

It’s crazy entering 2016 and realizing that this is the year. We launch preparation in January and we’ll be launching the actual outreach in the coming fall. It’s going to be a wild year - one of learning and growth and seeing God move in mighty ways.

In late January, we will be having a vision casting night along with worship and prayer. All are welcome to come and hear the heart, mission, and vision behind Well Water Fargo. Location, date, and time will be coming to you in early January! 

I would love the chance to share this heart and vision with more churches in the FM area in the next few months! If you think your church would be interested in this, please let me know and I’d love to set up a time for me to come and speak. This is so much bigger than any denomination or particular church. It’s about a community reaching out and radically loving. 

I wish there were enough words to express to you all how thankful I am for you or how excited I am for you to be on this adventure. God has something in store for this that is bigger than my dreams and even this last month of preparation has left me amazed. 2016 is just the beginning, but I think it’ll be more beautiful than anything we can imagine. 

Wishing you all the loveliest Christmas and close to 2015,