We value the importance of community and teamwork in loving people well. This is not a one person show and we are always open to having more walk beside us on this journey. 

 So how can you help?

 Contact us if you are interested in getting involved. 

How can churches help?

 We would love to get churches in the Fargo-Moorhead area involved and aware of this outreach! We know that there are people with a heart for this ministry from all sorts of different denominations and churches in our area and we'd love to get them involved. If you would like for us to come speak at your church and share the vision for this outreach, please contact us. 

How can men help?

 We need men to get involved and to be serious about loving their sisters in the city! We will not be taking men on outreach to the club, but we would love for them to be a part of our prayer team. This is an important role and one not to be overlooked. Men definitely aren't excluded from being a part of Well Water Fargo.