Who are we?

We are an outreach to women in the sex industry in Fargo, North Dakota. We exist to show the love of Jesus to women through the context of relationship and kindness.

Our Heartbeat

When Jesus walked the earth, He befriended those that society deemed immoral or unclean. He poured His life into these people as he ate, talked, laughed, taught, and lived life with them. One of his famous interactions was with a woman at a well. Jesus approached her and engaged her in conversation despite ethnic, religious, and gender societal norms that should have kept Jesus from ever crossing her path. He offered her living water, the refreshment of her soul.

 That's what Well Water Fargo is here to do. We want to go to women who are often looked down upon by religious people and offer them refreshment to a life that is hard. We want to offer them friendship. We want them to know that God is crazy about them, just like He's crazy about you and me. 

Want More information?

 If you want more information or to see how you can get involved, you can fill out our contact form or email us at wellwaterfargo@gmail.com.